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Harry Potter is dead. He died in the woods on that fateful night, and the wizarding world has never been the same. After the Chosen One's death it was only a matter of time before Hogwarts fell. From there it was a domino effect. The Death Eaters began taking hold of other magical ministries; their presence could be felt throughout Europe and before long Voldemort had completely taken over. A new, harsher muggle born incentive was passed, forcing all muggleborns and even some half-bloods into hiding.

The Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Dumbledore's Army, and the Order of the Phoenix, have all been re-organized, disbanded, or are being run by rogue members. Prominent members like Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, and Severus Snape are now only spoken about in whispers, their current whereabouts are unknown.

With dementors patrolling Hogwarts and magical settlements, the constant raids by death eaters, and the never ending ominous feeling of dread lurking around every corner, the magical world has fallen into despair.

But there's a tiny ember of hope burning on the horizon. A resistance is growing and gaining momentum. A newly formed Dumbledore's Army has begun attacking death eater camps, freeing kidnapped muggleborns, and disrupting their foothold. Will this new movement be enough to usurp the most powerful wizard of this, or any age? Or will they fail, just like the supposed Chosen One?

Second Rise is an AU Harry Potter themed role-play community based on DreamWidth. It takes place in present day and explores what would have happened if Voldemort had won the Battle of Hogwarts instead of Harry Potter. We will focus on the rebellion and the death eaters struggle to retain power. We accept both canon and original characters, for a list of open canon characters please check this list here. Some characters will be marked DECEASED and if you'd like the details on their demise please pm the mods. This community will also feature dark, horror-inspired themes and will only accept players over the age of 18.